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Dear Sir or Madam:

We would like to invite you to participate in a survey on the main challenges faced by foreign investors in China, especially in the field of law and regulations. The purpose of this survey is to understand some of the law-related obstacles foreign investors face. The results of the survey will be selected as topics of our law workshop, which aim to help you to deal with the challenges in operating business in Guangdong.
We would like to thank you all for taking the time to participate in this survey and your input will be greatly valued. Please leave your contact to reserve a free seat for a law workshop, which will be co-organized by Guangdong information office and Newsgd.com, with related government officials and seasoned lawyers giving keynote speeches. We will send you an invitation after the survey.

Your Email or Address:

What are the greatest challenges or confusing when operating a business in Guangdong? (You may choose more than one answer)

1.Starting a Business
Obtaining required license
Business registering
Corporate Establishment
Selection, leasing and purchase of the business location
Others (please specify)

2.Recruitment and Contract
Labor dispatch and outsourcing
Employment of foreigners
Salary and welfare of employee
Labor regulation and rule
Termination of employment
Others (please specify)

3. Intellectual Property Management
Copyright management
Patent application and management
Trademark management
Package and label of product
Infringement and dispute
Others (please specify)

4. Taxation
Dividend on shares
Transfer of shares
Transfer of assets
Others (please specify)

5. Dispute Settlement (Litigation or Arbitration)
Please specify the main challenges or confusion in this aspect

6. Foreign exchange management
Settlement of star-up expense
Settlement of capital
Foreign debt
Payment of dividend on shares
Others (please specify)

7. Company Validation & Business Check
Please specify the main challenges or confusion in this aspect

8. Financing
Obtaining domestic loans
Shares sale
Asset sale
Others (please specify)

9. Closing a business
Please specify the main challenges or confusion in this aspect

10. Which of the topics would like to hear in our law workshop?
(You may choose at most three topics)

Starting a Business
Recruitment and Contract
Intellectual Property Management
Dispute Settlement (Litigation or Arbitration)
Foreign exchange management
Company Validation & Business Check
Closing a business
Other topics (please specify)

Business Profile (Optional)

1.How long has your company had a physical presence in China?
less then 2 years
From 2 to 9 years
From 10 to 20 years
More than 20 years

2. Which of the following legal entities does your company have in Guangdong?
Foreign invested (Wholey Foreign Owned) Enterprises (WFOE)
Sino-Foreign Joint Venture
Sino-Foreign Cooperative Enterprises
Foreign invested joint stock company
Representative Office or Branch
Others (please specify)

3.The nationality of your company’s main investors

4. Where is your company’s headquarters or main office located in Guangdong?
Other Cities (please specify)

5. What is your main industry?
Agriculture/Forestry/Fishery Personal Services Communication Technology
Real Estate & Housing Infrastructure Consulting/Legal Services
Education Logistics Finance & Insurance
Water Management/Environmental Protection/Public Facility Management
Food & Hospitality Chemicals Medical Supplies Retail

Machinery/Industrial Equipment Tourism Mining/Resource Extraction
Culture Sports and Entertainment

Other (please specify)

6. How many employees work for your company in Guangdong?

7. What is your company/group’s approximate annual revenue generated in Guangdong (in RMB) ?
< 5 million
5-20 million
20 - 200 million 
> 200 million

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